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Fact: If you have a Clarisonic brush of your own, chances are, the man in your life has secretly taken the device on a test-run, but thanks to the brand's latest launch, he'll never have to swipe your tool again. Generally, most men think they're exempt from skin care (we know, we know, #notallmen...) though the new Clarisonic Alpha Fit Face Brush just might change that with its compact shape, powerful oscillating motions, and futuristic Bruce Wayne-levels of technology. "Let's face it, men's skin is different, and they deserve a special Clarisonic tailored specifically to their unique skin needs," says Clarisonic co-founder and co-inventor Dr. Robb Akridge.

To get specific, men's skin generally tends to be thicker than women's, and has a lower pH, meaning they could be more prone to breakouts. Because of the repeated motions created by shaving, men's complexions also have a weaker barrier function and are more likely to lose moisture. The Alpha Fit caters to these needs with two targeted settings for both clean-shaven skin as well as full-on Lumbersexual beards, which effectively remove any buildup hiding at the roots of his stubble. Find the Clarisonic Alpha Fit Sonic Cleanser for $189 right now at