Sharon Clott Kanter
Feb 23, 2015 @ 3:42 pm

Just as the post-Oscars Governors Ball got under way, Eddie Redmayne swooped in. Wasting no time, the Best Actor winner headed straight to the back area of the party, where they were doing personal engraving on the trophies. As soon as the Theory of Everything star handed his Oscar over to the engraver, it had to be dried off and polished. "Oh, that must be from my clammy hand," Redmayne said, wiping his hand on his pants to get rid of the sweat.

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While his freshly-polished hardware was being engraved, Redmayne went to sit down with his wife, Hannah Bagshawe. A waitress stopped by to offer food to the couple, but they declined, choosing instead to stare lovingly into one another's eyes. When his Oscar was done being personalized, we asked Redmayne where he plans to keep it. "We have a very small apartment, so we're not quite sure yet," he said. We're sure they'll find a great spot.

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