Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

What's a First Lady to wear when she challenges the Secretary of State to a friendly game of beer pong following a State Dinner in the White House? If you're Claire Underwood in Season 3 of the Netflix original series House of Cards, the answer is Ralph Lauren. Underwood, played by Robin Wright, donned a stunning silver gown from the designer's fall 2014 collection.

"I felt it was important to feature an American designer since she wore the dress during a State Dinner," says Kemal Harris, costume designer and Wright's personal stylist. "This dress appears in so many scenes over the course of the episode that I had to have three copies of it made to ward against any spills or damage ... the beer pong game made me so nervous!"

But of course there's more than just spill-proofing that went into the choice. Harris also had to take the White House dress code into account. "I researched First Lady looks at past State Dinners, but my main nagging concern was whether silk gloves were necessary," Harris explains. "Fortunately, Netflix hired a White House consultant that I spoke with regarding First Lady protocol. In the past, gloves were a common fashion staple but these days they are really only worn when royalty is in attendance."

Credit: Courtesy of Netflix