By Jennifer Davis
Updated Oct 03, 2017 @ 8:45 pm

Cindy Crawford is timeless, but when it comes to telling time, she relies on Omega. The busy supermodel and mom to two rising stars, Kaia Gerber, 16, and Presley Gerber, 18, has been partnering with the brand since she was 25, and over the years she's not only become an avid watch wearer but she's also come to rely on the accessory to help manage her busy schedule—even if she does use her iPhone clock a lot.

"I’m a very punctual person and a very organized person, which is why I think Omega loves me," she said during an interview at the launch of the "Her Time" exhibit in Paris this past Friday. "I’m a busy person but the way that I can do everything is by keeping my schedule."

While she still wears a watch, her relationship with the accessory has definitely changed over the years. "My relationship to a watch, in general, when I first started wearing a watch, it was for necessity," she said. "We didn’t have phones. Certainly now, no one has to wear a watch. It’s purely an accessory. But I feel like it’s a statement accessory."

"There are certain pieces that make more of a statement," she continued. "What we wear is more interchangeable but a watch is something that says something about you. So I like to have a couple of different watches because sometimes I’m in different moods."

So even if she may not wear her watches to solely tell time, she definitely can credit Omega for instilling a love of timepieces and for solid time management skills.