Cindy Crawford Looks As Beautiful at 49 As She Did at 26

cindy crawford
Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Supermodel Cindy Crawford, who is still as beautiful as ever, is ringing in her 49th birthday today. Throughout her storied career, Crawford has proven time and time again that she is not only one of the most successful models of all time, but also a savvy business woman, having recently relaunched her website,, filled with hundreds of gorgeous vintage photos of the star.

"It has been exciting spending a lot more time with old photographs and my archives," she told InStyle exclusively. "I think the fun part is wading through all the material and coming up with fun concepts (for the collections) and what to do next, from men’s suits to one-piece swimsuits. I have forgotten how many shoots I’ve done, and it’s been really great just going back through everything."

Something else that's really great? Our roundup of the "original supermodels," including Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Elle Macpherson, and more, from then and now. Many of these women were in their early 20s when they came to fame, and today—years later in the 40s and 50s—still are as relevant and, yes, beautiful as ever.

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