By Isabel Jones
Nov 21, 2017 @ 5:30 pm

Iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford and her 16-year-old daughter, Kaia Gerber, are pretty much twins.

Like, they have the same face:

The similarity doesn’t end there—Kaia, who’s also a model and made her New York Fashion Week debut in September, is well on her way to becoming just as legendary as mom. She’s less than 300,000 Instagram followers behind Crawford and she’s already a household name (AND SHE’S 16).

Their physical likeness becomes more and more apparent each time we see a photo from Cindy's younger years:

On Tuesday, Cindy made the resemblance even harder to miss when she posted a photo of her and Kaia’s high school photos. "School pics, now and then," the 51-year-old captioned her 'gram.

Give or take a can of hairspray (it was the ‘80s), Cindy and Kaia are difficult to tell apart—they even have the same smile!

By the way, here’s the other half of Cindy’s ridiculously good looking model fam:

Yeah, life’s not fair.