Cindy Crawford Offers Kaia Gerber Modeling Advice Ahead of Her NYFW Debut

Prepare yourselves, because Kaia Gerber is headed to New York Fashion Week.

The 15-year-old model (yep, she’s only 15) has already graced the cover of beloved indie magazines and major beauty campaigns (hello, Marc Jacobs), but she’s yet to really make her runway debut—until now.

In an interview with WWD, supermodel mom Cindy Crawford confirmed that yes, Kaia will walk in a show this September. And while she didn’t exactly say which, something tells us all signs point to Marc Jacobs. After all, she is the star of his Daisy fragrance. And, don’t forget he was the first to give Kendall Jenner the runway spotlight, meaning he’s all about exciting new talent.

Kaia Gerber - Cindy Crawford
Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Crawford told WWD the sage advice she’s giving her daughter ahead of her shining moment. “Well, I’m chaperoning her. I’m not gonna be at every show, but I hope she understands how exhausting your first show can be,” she said. “My advice to her—and it would be the same if she was going off to college or taking a job in a clothing store—is be on time, be professional, don’t be a diva, get off your phone.”

“You’re around these incredibly talented people, soak up information, listen, watch, keep your eyes open, be present, and enjoy it. Have fun. It’s fashion,” she added.

So can we expect Crawford to sit front row wherever Kaia walks? Considering she is indeed chaperoning her, we certainly think so. As for what the '90s model thinks of the women working today, she’s super supportive.

“Kendall [Jenner] and Gigi [Hadid] and Bella [Hadid] and Karlie [Kloss] and Cara [Delevingne], because of their use and access to social media, you know these girls and you want to know these girls,” she said when asked for her thoughts on today’s models. “There’s an equal amount—if not more—because of social media focus on this group today than there was on our group.”

It’s time to follow Kaia, stat.

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