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Cinderella's Broadway fairytale is officially coming to an end. That’s right, the final curtain call for the musical—which previously starred Carly Rae Jepsen—will take place on January 3, almost a full year after previews first began at the Broadway Theatre. We recently caught up with Masters of Sex actress Keke Palmer, who’s played the beloved Disney princess since September.

When she stopped by InStyle’s offices, Palmer was ready to chat about landing the epic role. “I grew up watching Brandy as Cinderella, and I always hoped I would have the opportunity to do something majestic,” she said. “Still, I never thought I’d be playing such an iconic character at only 21 years old.”

Crowned the youngest actress ever to play the princess on Broadway, Palmer found the role to be empowering---and grueling. “Broadway mentally pushes you,” she said. “It gave me another level of discipline that I didn’t know I could reach, and a level of belief in myself that I didn’t really know I had.”

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Palmer's biggest challenge? Keeping things fresh during each of every week’s eight performances. “When the audience gives you energy, the show becomes just as new to you as it is to them,” she said. “They really help propel you to keep finding the excitement.” The elaborate costumes didn’t hurt, either. “The gowns are really incredible,” Palmer said. "They're visually the coolest thing, ever."

And while one Cinderella story may be coming to an end, Palmer is looking forward to checking out another upcoming take on the classic. “I’m so excited about Into the Woods,” said Palmer of the film, which stars Anna Kendrick and her personal fave, Meryl Streep. “It looks amazing.”