Ciate Nail Polish Pens
Credit: ciatelondon/instagram

Throw your hands and chipped nails in the air if you're in dire need of a new manicure, but can't take the 30 to 45 minutes (drying time included) out of your day to DIY it yourself. Enter Ciaté's Mani Marker pen, which comes loaded with a full-coverage nail lacquer that is easily spread on with a thick, angled tip. The pen officially launches in September for $12 a pop at, and is available in five different tones. Unlike other nail pens we've tried, which can often create a streaky result, it takes roughly three swipes max of Ciaté's applicator to cover the nail, and the formula is so pigmented, you only need one layer prior to a topcoat. That being said, if you can write your name, you can deck your nails out in a brand-new manicure—and all ten digits can be finished in just as little time. Hit play on the video below to see the pen in action.