It's grazing her waist.

Blonde babe Ciara has been sharing regular updates on her pregnancy since she announced that she'd be expecting her third child back in January of 2020, but her latest snapshot may be the best one yet. Ciara's newest Instagram post shows her lounging outdoors and though her growing bump may be the main event, it was tough to ignore her bleached blonde hair.

"Selfie Timer Shoot Kinda Day," Ciara captioned the image. That timer captured her waist-skimming hair in its new, super-light blonde shade. In the past, she's had rich, honey-hued locks and a range of other colors (and lengths, and dreads!). Since she came onto the scene, fans have seen her go from warmer caramel tones to brighter colors. Lately, she's stuck to darker colors, which are still evident near her roots.

In addition to the sultry shot, Ciara shared a couple of behind-the-scenes snapshots, which offer up a closer look at her hair color and just how long it is. Her husband, Russell Wilson, shared another peek behind the process, saying, "She out here pregnant and all trying to take a photo," as he captures her posing and preening.

There's no telling just how long she'll go at this rate. If quarantine goes on much longer, she may be inching towards Rapunzel territory — and knowing Ciara, she'll pull it off.