Ciara's Philosophy for Getting in Shape Post-Baby? Don't Overthink It


Ciara gave birth to her adorable son Future Zahir Wilburn three months ago, but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at her. The gorgeous singer was positively glowing at an event for Degree Women in New York City. After seeing the new mom, who was outfitted in a chic three-piece bright red Sportmax suit, we just had to ask about her tips for getting in shape post-baby. "I think it's about letting things be organic," Ciara says. "You should set some goals and you should set up a pan to achieve your goal then just dial it in, but I don't think you should overthink the process of getting there. You've got to have fun and enjoy being a mom."

But don't let her laid-back approach to postpartum fitness fool you—she is serious about pushing herself and getting to the next level in her life and her career. "I really am all about doing more," she said. "I've always been very excited to be working with Degree Women because the message that they're pushing is all about inspiring and encouraging a woman to do more of what they love." Now that she's added mom to her ever-growing list of responsibilities, she admits that she has to work a bit harder, but she enjoys the challenge. "It's a really fun journey to experience the transformation and just to grow."

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