By Rita Kokshanian
Updated Mar 03, 2016 @ 11:30 am
Ciara Keds
Credit: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

No one can one, two step like Ciara, but just when you thought the singer couldn't get any better at dancing, she goes and shows us that she's still got a few (new) moves up her sleeves. On a recent trip to Nigeria, Ciara enlisted the help of a local choreographer and her troupe of dancers, and the results are amazing.

Dressed in authentic Nigerian dresses, Ciara and her dancers take to the streets of Lagos to show off their moves, and lucky for us she posted the whole thing on Instagram. In a series of short videos, the ladies get down to not one but three different songs, and each shake of the hip and tap of the foot is better than the last.

"UNREAL!! #Dancing, Vibing, and Learning #Nigerian Dance In The Streets Of #Lagos! #DolphinEstates. I Couldn't Leave Without Doing This! The Soul, The Culture, The Passion Here Is Unreal!! Thank You For Opening Up Your Neighborhood To Me and My Dancers and Letting Us Feel Your soul! #Shoki," she captioned the first video. In it and each of the proceeding dance montages Ciara is wearing a floor length wrap dress with high slits throughout the skirt, showing off her impeccably toned gams.

The mother to almost 2-year-old Future also thanked her Nigerian choreographer, Kafayat Shafau-Ameh, as well as her dancers and everyone else involved in another video. Keep reading to see all of them, and prepare to be mesmerized.