By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Nov 12, 2015 @ 8:00 pm
Ciara Curly Hair
Credit: ciara/Instagram

As if we didn't stalk Ciara's Instagram hard enough for serious hair and makeup inspo as it is, her recent batch of vacation photos gave us curl envy for days. Naturally, when we spoke to the star during the #ShareAMeal event for Unilever, those impeccable ringlets were among the top 5 topics we wanted to discuss with her, and her method for bringing out her natural texture was surprisingly low-key. "I had some products that Cesar, my friend and hairstylist, gave me. He was on the trip with me, too, and he had some great curl products that held the shape well," she says of hairstylist Cesar Ramirez, who previously gave InStyle his top 10 greatest hits in terms of curl products. "I also think the key sometimes it to not completely submerge your hair in water, but to take a spray bottle and just mist it on. Get it good and wet, but not fully, then let it dry naturally."

Next to her blonde phase, Ciara's curls rank as one of her favorite hair looks, not to mention, are in-line with her effortless beauty philosophy. "It may seem cliché, but the most important piece of beauty advice I've been given is that it comes from within," she adds. "Once you understand that, you won't be sweating a lot of things. You start to embrace yourself, and if you know something's not gonna change, embrace it. It's important for all of us as women to keep that in perspective, and try not to over-think things. We have so much range as women, and we can always be and do whatever we want."