Ciara and Russell Wilson Insta - Lead
Credit: dangerusswilson/Instagram

The couple that does good together, stays together!

Ciara, who recently announced that she is expecting baby No. 2 with husband Russell Wilson, joined her partner on his regular visit to the Seattle Children's Hospital, and it's safe to say the special experience was an emotional one for the expectant mom.

The "Body Party" songstress couldn't hold back her tears as she met 20-month-old patient Wesley in a 30-minute video the Seattle Seahawks quarterback posted to his Facebook account.

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"Wesley is 2 years old and he is at the end of his life, in the blind cycle, so pretty sad," the emotional singer says to the camera after chatting with him at his bedside.

"Pretty tough for me being a mom, because I didn't even know what to expect when I walked in there," she says as she dabs away tears. Watch Wilson's video of their visit here:

The athlete also shared a 'gram (pictured at top) of the couple sitting by Wesley's bed and holding up a sheet of handprints they created together.

"Wesley is an inspiration to @Ciara & I! We even got to do arts & crafts with him @SeattleChildrens," Wilson wrote in the caption. "My hand was just a tad bit bigger! Please pray for Wesley as they say he doesn't have much longer to live but we are praying for a miracle!"

See more photos from the couple's visit below.