By InStyle Staff
Updated Mar 15, 2013 @ 12:15 pm
Credit: Courtesy Photo (3)

One of Hollywood's most powerful publicists threw a private soiree in her home on Wednesday, and InStyle had exclusive access to the event! Ashlee Margolis co-hosted the bash with scarf label Theodora & Callum, Coach, Shoshanna Swimwear, MyLine Clothing, Beyond Yoga, and shoe designer Matt Bernson, and the party was filled with stars like sultry Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks (in Temperley, Moschino, and Theodora & Callum's scarf), Hilary Duff (who snuggled up to Paula Patton in Shoshanna), and Anna Kendrick (working Coach's crossbody), who was the first to arrive. "It is 80 degrees in Los Angeles, so it feels like summer, and this feels like a summer party," Hendricks told of the event, which allowed stars to try on some of their favorite designs from the popular brands. "Today's been fun. I've just been seeing a bunch of friends. It's always nice to come to these parties and see the girls you've worked with or wanted to work with!" Hendricks proved to be the life of the party, staying for the entire evening and splitting her time between a cozy couch by the pool and mingling with all the guests. What fun!

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— Lindzi Scharf