By Samantha Simon
Oct 20, 2016 @ 8:30 am

Tonight, Rocky Horror Picture Show gets the reboot treatment. The update to the 1975 cult classic stars Laverne Cox as mad scientist Dr. Frank N. Furter, Victoria Justice as innocent-turned-sexy Janet, and Christina Milian as castle maid Magenta. Milian stopped by InStyle's New York City HQ earlier today for a live chat on our Facebook page, and she answered all of our burning Q’s about the TV special, which airs Oct. 20 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. Press play on the video above for our full interview, and read on for 7 fun facts that Milian revealed, from what it was like on the set to what will surprise fans most about the remake.

1. Milian wanted to add her own twist to Magenta while still staying true to the character.
“The most challenging part of playing Magenta was knowing that there have been so many great Magentas before me, including Patricia Quinn in the original Rocky Horror Picture Show,” said Milian. “So when you’re watching it, you’re almost making comparisons to such great, legendary classics of what the movie was—well, what the movie is, because people still go see the movie and the plays. I have a lot of respect for the musical theater plays. I wanted to come in and give the same type of energy that the original Magenta has and with a lot of respect to the script and to knowing that I’m not here to change it up, but to add my own twist to it or my own character to it. It was a process at first because I didn’t know where that was gonna start. I found that that started through the chemistry that had started to build through the other characters.”

2. The cast kept things lighthearted on the set.
“Magenta relies heavily also on her ‘brother,’ Riff Raff,” said Milian. “They have this really cool dynamic about them, so hanging out with Reeve Carney really helped that develop into what it was. We just had fun with it! We learned to not get that serious, because it’s Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s a party. This is Dr. Frank N. Furter’s big night to present his great invention. He has created the perfect man, and everyone’s there snapping their fingers and they’re there to do 'The Time Warp' and to see what has been created. So it’s a big night—it’s a fun night.”

3. Milian has a few favorite songs from the flick.
“‘The Time Warp’ is a song that has stayed with me since I watched it the first time,” she said. “And I love 'There’s a Light.' I’m not singing that song—[the characters] Brad and Janet sing that song, and they sound so good, Ryan McCartan and Victoria Justice. They did a fantastic job. And then ‘Sweet Transvestite.’”

4. The leading ladies were always on time during filming.
“Laverne and I both had the most makeup and hair to do, so we had the most work,” said Milian. “She had most of the changes throughout the shooting—but to be honest with you, we were always on time. So I can’t even say ‘Oh she took longer!’ Everyone’s on time to work. We are in the zone.”

5. Milian wore a wig for the first time onscreen.
“[My favorite thing about my costume] was the hair and makeup,” said Milian. “I’ve never worn a wig in a movie—and in that color! It says a lot about my character in real life.”

6. To recreate the new Magenta’s look for Halloween, you’ll need a maid’s outfit and plenty of pink details.
“If you’re doing the new version, go get yourself a magenta wig or a fuchsia wig and crimp some pieces to make it wild,” said Milian. “[Then you’ll need] lots of pink magenta—anywhere you could think of! Sparkles. Magenta cheeks. Eyebrows–the eyebrows are a must. I have magenta eyebrows [in the movie]. I came up with that—I was pretty proud of that.”

7. Magenta would be a big fan of today’s biggest hit songs.
“I feel like she would be a Rihanna-type girl,” said Milian. “She’d probably be into Drake, too. She’d be like, ‘Work, work, work, work, work.’ She’d have her little maid’s [uniform] and she’s be bending over and cleaning up everything, all cute and stuff.”