By Lara Walsh
Aug 19, 2016 @ 10:15 am

Two months after Christina Grimmie's tragic death, fans still can't get enough of the late singer's work—and her musical talent is living on in a series of four previously unseen music videos from her Side A EP.

The first video, titled "Snow White," was released a week ago and featured the 22-year-old as a character named Jessica Blue who is constantly let down by her boyfriend and realizes she's waiting for her own Prince Charming.

And on Thursday Grimmie's family released the second production in the quartet, the "Anybody's You" video, which again features Grimmie as Jessica, who now contemplates her romantic past and why her exes cheated on her.

While the music video character tries to be optimistic, she can't help but vent her unhappiness to her grandmother, saying "I don't know. I know it's not my boyfriend and I know that it's not my crap-paying job."

She continues, "And it can't be my showcase this Friday, because everybody knows I'm just gonna crash and burn with that, too, so ... It must be me, then, right?"

Her grandmother ends the video, replying "It's always us, Jessica. Always. Come with me."

The story continues next week when the third music video, titled "Deception," drops. "Without Him" will be released a week later.