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Burlesque premiered in Hollywood last night and we caught up with stars Christina Aguilera and Cher on the red carpet. Christina fessed up to being nervous on her first day of shooting, but said the Oscar-winning actress made it easy for her: "I didn't know what to expect going into it and [Cher] really taught me the ropes, took me under her wing, and supported me throughout. I'll always cherish that." Find out what Cher had to say, plus watch a preview of Christina's favorite performance after the jump!

—Andrea Simpson

As for Cher, who called herself the "Momma Bear" of the group, she joked of her experience on the set, saying, "The getting dolled up is the worst part of it, but then you get on stage and everyone looks so great. I mean, these girls are like 10-years old so it was hard to hold my own."

When asked about the movie, Christina called it "an amazing ride," saying she hopes it brings burlesque back to its original glamour. "With the dancing, the acting, the cast of characters and their stories involved, the movie is really an inspiring journey that's entertaining to watch.”

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