Christina Aguilera Joins the Long Bob Trend

Christina hair lead
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Whether you're into the bob or its longer, one-size-fits-all counterpart, one thing is certain---cuts that veer between chin and collarbone-length continue to be the hottest hair trend in Hollywood, and Christina Aguilera is the latest star to embrace the look. Last week, the star debuted a wavy, shoulder-skimming crop at a red carpet event in Hollywood for The Voice, and out of all the edgy looks she has shown off during its 8-season run (dip-dyed red hair included), this style ranks at the top of our favorites.Ever the hair chameleon, Aguilera previously tried out similar cuts back in 2010 and again in 2012, when she got extra adventurous and added a set of blunt bangs to the look. "I just like to reinvent constantly. When I look back at the different styles I've had over the years, I'm proud of myself that I had the bravery to experiment with so many different hairstyles and colors," she previously told InStyle. "I always find myself coming back to platinum blonde---as a woman, it makes me feel strong, glamorous, and empowered. But never say never!" Here's your excuse to queue up her single "Beautiful," because her new 'do classifies as such in every single way.

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