Christie Brinkley's Rules for Aging Backward

We know what you're thinking: She hasn't aged since National Lampoon's Vacation! Now the 61-year-old model with a 30-year-old's complexion is launching an eight-piece skincare line ... and spilling her secrets.

1. Be A Little Shady"No matter your age, the No. 1 thing to watch out for is the sun. I grew up in Malibu and have always been such an outdoorsy person that I needed to have broad-spectrum protection in my day cream. Wearing SPF makes the biggest difference to your skin." We suggest Christie's Recapture Day + IR Defense Cream, as seen above ($63;

2. Get Even"I've been a devoted scrubber since the Paleolithic Era when I was a teen. I'd buy an exfoliator from a health-food store that literally felt like I was rubbing gravel on my face. Now I use my Facial Exfoliating Polish ($28; daily; afterward my skin takes in moisturizers so much better."

3. Give Yourself A Hand"I don't stop at my face—I scrub and treat my decolletage and hands too. I tell ladies to start doing this when they're young. I wish I had. I took a pottery class in college, and I'd let the clay dry out my skin thinking, Yay! My hands are going to look like artists' hands! Well, artists' hands aren't fun when you're 60."

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