By Jonathan Borge
Updated Jan 28, 2016 @ 6:30 pm
Christie Brinkley
Credit: Courtesy NYDJ

Despite their flawless physiques, supermodels aren't exactly exempt from the discomfort that often comes with tracking down the perfect pair of jeans. Just ask 61-year-old Christie Brinkley, who, like the rest of us, has tried maneuvering her way into a pair of indigo classics with nothing but a zipper and a prayer. “I’ve spent long hours in dressing rooms being frustrated and it’s kind of—after you’re in there and nothing fits, you start losing your confidence a little bit, going, ‘Hey—what’s the deal here?’” she told InStyle.

Her search for jeans that fit like a glove thankfully ended when she tried a pair from NYJD—the reason the blonde bombshell is now one of four stars in the brand’s spring 2016 “Fit to Be” campaign, which particularly highlights the Original Slimming Fit design. “I didn’t have to do the jeans dance. I didn’t have to hold my breath or lie down on the bed and struggle with the zipper,” she says of the moment she knew the brand’s jeans worked for her figure. “They stretch in every single direction, not just in one direction. They stretch every which way—up, down, sideways, making them so comfortable.”

With fellow campaign stars Ashley Graham, Lana Ogilvie, and Bridget Moynahan, Brinkley is using her beloved all-American aesthetic to make sure women everywhere feel confident in their denim staples. Her tip for making the hunt seamless? “If you wear a size 8 dress and you come in to look for your size here, I think it’s pretty true to size,” she says. “The second it’s not fitting you perfectly, size up or size down … you will find one that will fit you perfectly.”