We caught up with Christie Brinkley at Wednesday night's Stephen Weiss Apple Awards, hosted by fashion icon Donna Karan, and got to talking not about politics or fashion, but everyone's favorite social media platform, Instagram.

"I always have my iPhone with me, and I love looking for beauty," she told InStyle. "Being really attuned, really alert and taking pictures, I love ... the Instagram app." Brinkley clearly uses the app for what it was originally intended, reminding us that Instagram isn't a space for haters and overly hashtagged bloggers, but for finding beauty in the outside world.

"You can give it a little flash, a little saturation. It’s like the new knitting," she said with a laugh. "Being attuned to beauty like you know, oh this rust pattern over here there’s something cool about it, making it your own, and then sharing it." Looks like we should all be giving Brinkley a follow!

Of course, sharing things with the world always comes at a risk for attracting haters, but the supermodel has a great method for tuning all of that out. "I always say to my kids, I just want you to relax and not feel like you have to worry about what 'they' think," she said. "Because who is they? 'They' doesn’t exist. Everybody is busy in their lives and there's a few little gossips here and there, in the big picture, what does it matter."