Celina De Jesus for InStyle.com
Jonathan Borge
Jan 29, 2016 @ 5:15 pm

Have you ever heard of a Landlubber? If, like us, mention of the name isn’t ringing any bells, prepare for a fashion history lesson. Though they sound like something used to aggressively remove stains from a floor mat, Landlubber jeans were found on the hips of every cool, groovy teenager in the ‘60s, including those of All-American supermodel Christie Brinkley, who told InStyle she “absolutely” grew up with denim in her wardrobe.

“When I was a teenager, I remember the first big blue jean trend was Landlubber jeans and we used to go to the Army-Navy store and get like Army-Navy jeans that look like these Landlubber jeans,” she explained at the launch of her spring 2016 NYDJ campaign. So what, exactly, did these hip-hugging favorites look like? “They were… high on the waist, those two flat pockets in the front, and then, you know, the flare at the bottom. We wore them kind of like a little bit extra long, so they’d sort of drag around and get worn out on the back heel and look kind of hippie.”

Celina De Jesus for InStyle.com

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Considering the past few years have seen a reemergence of ‘70s fashion (think Gucci’s spring 2015 collection), we may have to bring these back. And if so, we bet Brinkley would style them just like she used to: “I’d pair [them] with my pea coat and it was like my uniform.” 

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