By Meredith Lepore
Updated Jan 05, 2015 @ 12:15 pm
Credit: Instagram/ christiebrinkley

Christie Brinkley proved that age is really just a number on her recent vacation to Turks and Caicos. The supermodel legend, who turned 60 last year, posted a photo of herself floating in the crystal-clear ocean waters while wearing an itty bitty black bikini.

An avid Instagrammer, Brinkley shared photos of her family trip from mid-December. Her children, Alexa Ray, 29, Jack, 19, and Sailor, 16, accompanied her on the trip and were featured in many of her photos. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between Brinkley and look-alike Sailor, who is following in mom's model footsteps:

Brinkley recently described how she stays so fit—it's all about multi-tasking. “I’ll run or do weights, and I do at least 10 minutes a day on my Total Gym machine,” the vegan model told People. “I got hooked on SoulCycle this summer and during my Christmas vacation, I did yoga. I credit doing Chicago on Broadway for my legs [but] I do leg lifts while brushing my teeth!”

While getting her body may be tough but you can get closer to having Brinkley's radiant skin with her newly launched vegan skincare line. She recently teamed up with Atlantic Coast Media Group to create Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare, which features anti-aging creams and serums.