Christie Brinkley's Daughter Sailor Pens a Brilliant Message to Internet Bullies

EAST HAMPTON, NY - AUGUST 12: Christie Brinkley and Sailor Brinkley Cook attend the 2016 Chefs & Champagne For Elephants at The Baker House 1650 on August 12, 2016 in East Hampton, New York. (Photo by Steven A Henry/Getty Images)
Photo: Steven A Henry/Getty

Christie Brinkley's 18-year-old daughter, Sailor Brinkley Cook, has had enough of abusive Internet commenters. In a long Instagram post on Thursday, she expressed her deep frustration with years of being criticized for her looks and being constantly compared to her famous model mom. She also expertly clapped back against disparaging remarks against her choice of college: New York City's Parsons School of Design.

Although she rarely reads comments about herself, she wrote, the recent high school grad says she happened to make an exception. And she's fed up with what she saw.

"As long as I am happy healthy and kind to others why should I care if I am not as 'pretty' as someone else? Let alone not as 'pretty' as my own blood relatives?" she said in the post alongside a screenshot of critical comments.

Brinkley Cook (a model in her own right) also wrote about her desire to be viewed as her own person—outside of the shadow cast by her mother. "Believe it or not I am my own person with my own beliefs and own thoughts and my own face!" Eyes smile teeth forehead! All mine! The whole shabang!" she wrote.

And at the end of the long-winded caption, she encouraged haters to get off their computers and experience the world. "My one wish is that these people can get off their computers, go chase a sunset, kiss someone they love, pursue one of their dreams and STOP making an 18-year-old girl feel constantly inferior and hurt," she wrote.

Mom took to Instagram to express support for her little girl's note. "Let's choose to create beauty, through mutual respect, compassion and love. Bravo @sailorbrinkleycook," she wrote in a caption to a video of her daughter. "Sometimes when we stand up for ourselves, we are standing up for each other. I think we're one post closer to a kinder world.

Read Brinkley Cook's full message here. Well said, Sailor!

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