Christie Brinkley on Today's Top Models: "They’re Such Great Businesswomen"

Christie Brinkley Lead
Photo: J. Countess/Getty Images

Christie Brinkley is so 2016.

Sure, the model definitely is one of the original Supers, but don’t think she’s unaware of just how successful talents like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are today. “I’ve got young daughters, so they keep up on everything and I also have an Instagram account, so I like to follow everybody and see what everybody is wearing—how they’re doing their hair and all of that,” she told InStyle.

Brinkley may turn to Millennial models for hair tips, but it’s their skills in the boardroom that she’s definitely noticed. “What’s impressed me, besides their obvious beauty, is the fact that they’re such great businesswomen right now and they are all very much in control of their brand. Brand building seems to be a forte of this generation and I’m very impressed with all of them, I really am,” she said. “I’d love to ask them a few tips—how to grow my Instagram account, for instance, ‘cause they’re all so good at that.”

Considering Jenner and Hadid together boast over 60 million Instagram followers, we'd say Brinkley got it spot on.

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