And now we all want one.

By Christopher Luu
Updated Feb 06, 2020 @ 8:00 pm

Known for crafting knockout red carpet creations, designer Christian Siriano has never been afraid to do something, well, unconventional. This fashion week, however, it's not an over-the-top ball gown or a sparkling hooded jumpsuit that had everyone talking, it was a a one-of-a-kind bag that Siriano called "clutter couture."

He worked with Ziploc ® Brand to create something special that was quite literally made out of the junk in the bottom of a purse.

"Honestly, when they brought me the project, I thought it was really fun. I was so excited to get my mom and sister involved," Siriano told InStyle in an interview after his runway show. He went on to explain that creating the bag truly was a family affair since he sourced the materials from his mom's bag. "I was excited by the idea that women have so much junk in their bag and I wanted to make it feel cool and glam again."

According to the designer, the bag was created using things from around his studio and from the inside of his mother's and sister's bags. "We did everything, from gluing to hand-sewing. I had things that literally my mom had in her purse for five years. It was hilarious. We painted it one color to make it cool and graphic, almost sculptural, like a piece of art," he said. "We're calling it the clutter couture bag. I thought it would make a really cool statement to be green and cool and stylish with a lot of junk that you’d just throw away anyway."

Credit: Erin Glover
Credit: Erin Glover

The result turned out to be something worthy of a front row look for actress Rachel Bilson who had the honor of carrying the satchel to Siriano's NYFW runway show. She paired the hot-pink bag with a feathered black cocktail dress. Siriano says she was the perfect person to showcase the Ziploc collaboration.

Credit: Erin Glover

"I love Rachel and I wanted someone young and stylish, fashion-forward and amazing, but with her own personal style," he added. "I like what she paired it with, too. It looked amazing."

The bag isn't just a showpiece. It'll go up for auction to raise money for Bottomless Closet, a New York City-based nonprofit that works to connect women looking for jobs to industry insiders.

Credit: Erin Glover

"I love that he's an artist," Bilson said of Siriano's work. "His clothes are a work of art and I have so much respect for that. The clutter couture bag represents all the stuff that you find in a woman's purse that's all over the place. He made it into an art piece on this bag I get to carry to the fashion show, which I'm excited about."

The bag is meant to fit seamlessly into Siriano's runway collection, mimicking the shade of pink that appeared on the various bags the models carried down the catwalk.

Credit: Erin Glover
Credit: Erin Glover

"We did a beautiful fuchsia pink in the show, so I wanted it to have the same feeling. I wanted to be like Rachel took it off the runway and wore it," Siriano said. And a for where it'll end up, Siriano's planned it all out: "We both signed it and it’s going to a charity called Bottomless Closet. I hope that Bottomless Closet makes money and I hope that we made this cool accessory and hopefully someone will want to carry it, so we’ll see how they make it their own."

The collaboration was inspired by the launch of Ziploc ® Brand’s new Accessory Bags, a reusable product that was created to alleviate some of the clutter in everyone's bag. The brand’s new accessory pouches are designed to keep things a little more organized, even for the most chaotic among us (silently raises hand) and are available at Walmart in two sizes and three styles.