Christian Siriano Reveals Exactly How to Look Fierce During a Heat Wave

Christian Siriano Summer Dressing Tips
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As the mercury rises, picking an outfit can get more and more challenging. While we love a good crop top, the look may not always be appropriate for office attire, and in the middle of a heat wave, a pencil skirt and blazer combo can be a little too much. Christian Siriano has the art of looking (and being) fierce down to a science, so when we attended his resort 2015 preview party, we just had to ask him for advice on how to look chic in crazy-hot temps. His solution? Stick to the "less is more" mantra. "It can be tough! When people come into the store, we try to make sure we choose things that fit well and are flattering, but obviously they need to be comfortable, and sometimes people tend to overdress in the summer," he tells exclusively. "Too many accessories, too many things—if you have one fabulous, great dress, you won't need any of those other layered items."

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"If you have one fabulous, great dress, you won't need any of those other layered items." —@CSiriano

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Since delicate jewelry is having a moment, pass on the arm party and try the minimalist route in the accessory department. As for your wardrobe, look for lightweight, breathable fabrics that won't cling too tightly to your skin, and on the days when the sun is especially strong, go for a pale color palette as dark hues absorb more heat. If all else fails, duck inside until the temperature drops below 100 degrees. "It's really tough to be fabulous in the summer when it's so hot out, so hopefully everyone can try to hang out in the air conditioning—that's the goal!" Siriano adds.

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