Christian Siriano Debuts His Resort 2015 Collection and Plans a Return to TV

Christian Siriano Resort 2015
Photo: Courtesy Christian Siriano

Ever since we first spotted Christian Siriano’s gorgeous designs and firecracker personality on Project Runway, we knew that he'd be one to watch. For his new resort 2015 collection, the designer continues to pave his own path, this time turning to the art world for inspiration. To create the range of bold-colored gowns and printed dresses, Siriano referenced the abstract pieces of artist Teil Duncan, incorporating vivid hues with statement-making prints. "I loved her work and how it was playful, but still romantic and beautiful, and I wanted the clothes to feel that way," he tells "She does these really cool abstract beach scenes, and a lot of overscale colorblocked nudes, so we referenced those pieces specifically. I bought a bunch, and we actually traded clothes for paintings a few times, which was really nice!"

Christian Siriano
Thomas Concordia/Getty Images

With their daring silhouettes and patterns, each of the items also holds a slight Japanese street style vibe, thanks to Siriano's recent trip to Tokyo. "It's so funny because I wasn't taking it as an inspirational trip, but along the way I think it inspired something in the collection, although it's not specific," he adds. Although it's hard to pick a favorite after working on the collection for so long, the bold botanical prints above stand out to the designer. "I love how graphic the overscale leaf print is," he says. "We also did a great fuchsia and kelly green two-toned dress with a little pleating on the side, and that's another favorite." Both items, and the rest of the resort collection, will hit stores and next year.

Another project bubbling for the busy Siriano? A return the small screen! He has just signed on to host and judge Threads, a new reality show that follows a group of young teen fashion designers trying to make it big in the industry. No word yet on when the show makes its debut, but considering Siriano's own starts in TV and the empire he has built today, we think he's a perfect fit.

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