Christian Louboutin
Credit: Time Inc Digital Studio; FilmMagic

Viva la red! The U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan has ruled that Christian Louboutin has exclusive rights to the contrasting red sole the French designer is so famous for, according to the LA Times. The debate came about after Yves Saint Laurent put out a shoe with a red bottom and ruffled Louboutin's rose-tinged feathers. "We hold that the lacquered red outsole, as applied to a shoe with an ‘upper’ of a different color, has ‘come to identify and distinguish' the Louboutin brand and is therefore a distinctive symbol that qualifies for trademark protection,” the court said. That means that no one but Louboutin can sell any shoe with a red sole and different-colored upper. What a win!

Plus, see famous feet in red bottoms below!