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Last year, Christian Louboutin stunned women everywhere (and their credit cards) with his sophisticated nail polish line inspired from his trademark red soles. That said, it's no shock that the beauty and fashion connoisseur has added an absolutely jaw-dropping addition to the brand's beauty assemblage. Pucker up, Louboutin-lovers: his gorgeous new lipstick collection will become available Sept. 1.

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And just like every Louboutin item, these Middle Eastern–inspired lippys are beyond glamourous. Available in 36 different shades and three different textures (Sheer Voile, a light coverage; Silky Satin, a medium to full coverage; and Velvet Matte, a full coverage), these must-have makeup bag additions are sure to make any pout pop. And just when you thought you couldn't feel like any more of a queen while wearing anything Louboutin, these lipsticks are packaged in gold bullet-shaped tubes(above), topped off with silver and gold crowns and finished off with a delicate ribbon so you can wear your prized color around your neck at all times.

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Our favorite aspect? You can now match your soles, nails and lips with the iconic Rouge Louboutin red lip color, which has its own very special packaging (above).

These lavish shades will be available for $90 each at next month.