Christian Louboutin Wanted to Create Lipsticks So Pretty They're "Begging to Be Stolen"

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Leave it to Christian Louboutin to leave his mark on an entire industry. First, he did it with shoes (hello, red soles!). Then, last year, it was nail polishes that featured a stiletto-inspired top. Come September, he's doing it again with lipsticks. Only, these aren't your typical tubes. For his debut line of lip shades, he reenvisioned the standard package to double as a chic talisman-like charm you can wear as a necklace. "Within beauty, I've always dreamt of focusing on lips," Louboutin told InStyle when we discussed the launch with him for our September issue, available now on newsstands and for digital download. "Aside from the eyes, lips are the most expressive feature on a woman's face."

Here are 5 things Louboutin revealed to InStyle about his new lipsticks, which are available starting September 1 for $90 each at

The tube is the best part—and he did that on purpose.
"When I thought about lipstick, I viewed the object as utilitarian and honestly not very attractive," said Louboutin. "I wanted to create a covetable objet d'art that is begging to be stolen. Through that notion, the idea of lip as jewelry arose." Therefore, he strung each tube onto a string so you can wear it around your neck. "Lip color is an adornment and an accessory, just like jewelry is," he continued. "First and foremost, I want a girl to have fun with this object. The shape had to be familiar, yet unexpected. I also wanted a lipstick that serves more than one purpose. Now, a woman can wear this as a piece of jewelry, to adorn her lips and adorn herself."

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Don't forget to look at the cap.
"The turret-like crowned cap is inspired by Middle Eastern antiquities and the Art Deco movement," he said. "The lip color is also designed to lie in repose like a precious vial. Ultimately, I wanted something timeless, that a woman would not only love today, but will love it in many years' time."

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There are three different finishes.
He gave three options right from the start to satisfy different coverage needs. The lightest is Sheer Voile, offering subtle color with beautiful shine. For medium coverage, reach for Silky Satin, which has deep color with a smooth satin-y finish. Go for Velvet Matte options for maximum coverage, which feature rich pigment and a matte finish that won't dry out your pucker.

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A Louboutin red lip is included, of course.
His initial launch of 38 shades includes a red to match his signature soles; he named it Rouge Louboutin. "Obviously, the color red is an extremely important element in my work, and red can connote everything from desire to danger to power," he said. "The lip is the natural next place where I can use the color red on a woman's body. I love the attitude a lipstick conveys. When a woman has red lips she is much more aware of her expression and elocution. She is taking control of how others perceive her, and that message is very powerful. It is also a fierce signal to say, 'look at my face.'"

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Nefertiti served as his inspiration.
"I love her mysterious, warm-gold skin tone," Louboutin noted. "From her swan-like neck to her dramatically drawn eyes to her perfectly made up mouth, she is the most timeless symbol of beauty and power. Her beauty is obvious, but her power rests in the so-called constructed beauty. She was aware of how makeup can transform a face, and inevitably transform how everyone perceived her."

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