By Marianne Mychaskiw
Sep 07, 2016 @ 11:30 am

This is not a drill—Christian Louboutin has officially added fragrances to his ever-expanding beauty range. On the heels of the scent launches from Charlotte Tilbury and Louis Vuitton, Louboutin is getting in on the fun with a beyond-gorgeous trio. Considering the frenzy over the designer's nail polishes, lipsticks, and high-shine lip lacquers, we're sure both fragrance aficionados and the makeup-obsessed among us are going to freak out. "In a way, creating these fragrances is like being a film director, some directors want to control the acting process, others want to reveal the power of character and personality," Louboutin says. "This is what I try to evoke with shoes, and now the alchemy of fragrance. I want to give woment he means to express themselves, and to delight in their femininity."

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Louboutin's ultimate goal is to enhance the many hidden aspects of a woman, which he accomplished by creating three distinctive scents. The first, Bikini Questa Sera (top), mixes floral notes like jasmine and tuberose, with the addition of amber to give the blend a sensual, sun-kissed edge. Torande Blonde (center) is a feminine, rose-based fragrance, complemented by cassis and sweet violet. Last, but certainly not least, the juice inside the purple-coated Trouble in Heaven flacon is arguably the sexiest of the bunch, with heady elements like patchouli and tonka bean mingling with a light iris note. The fragrances are available starting today at, priced at $275 per bottle—a pretty penny, but it's definitely worth it.