Chrissy Teigen
Credit: Instagram/@chrissyteigen

Chrissy Teigen is one of those naturally-cool girls who never struggles with a funny Instagram caption. The star's social media accounts are some of our favorites to follow, and we think it's pretty safe to say she has perfected the art of comedy in 140 characters or less.

During Amope's Step Into Magic Event, held at Vanderbilt Hall in New York City's Grand Central Station, we just had to ask Teigen about her social media strategy in the hopes her wit would rub off on us and we could amp up the followers on our personal accounts. Her method? Post anything you find funny, and if possible, do it from the airport.

"If something hilarious happens, my first thought is---I am going to post this," the star tells InStyle. "I'm very outspoken, I watch the news a lot, and I'm flying all the time, so I especially love posting from the airport."

"I actually think I've had my best content from the airport!" she says. "It's like, universally known I hate the airport, and it's so universal that everyone hates the airport. It's fun to talk and complain about because, number one, you're so bored there, and also, everyone is so annoying!" Between the checked baggage fees, delayed flights, and the TSA constantly coming for our jar of La Mer, we hear that, sister.

When she isn't keeping us updated as she waits for her flight at JFK, Teigen provides equally-witty commentary on the gourmet dishes she's serving up, and what she's watching on TV. Especially what she's watching on TV. "I need to have a television on 24 hours a day. I actually have the worst dreams when the TV is not on in my sleep, so basically when left to my own thoughts, I have nightmares," she adds. "I grew up with TVs everywhere! In every room, even the noise is comforting to me."

And on the nights when the noise happens to be a particularly heated reunion episode of Shahs of Sunset, we'll be tuning in to Teigen's Twitter feed for all of her unfiltered reality TV commentary.