In the latest news that has us wishing Chrissy Teigen and fam had their own reality TV show, the hilarious new mom filmed a commercial for Vita Coco, and the outtakes are just as funny as she is. Teigen stars in Vita Coco’s first-ever national TV commercial, which debuts April 4, and InStyle has a preview from behind the scenes at the set.

In a series of hilarious outtakes (above), the model plays a Vita Coco plant manager while rocking an unbuttoned utilitarian romper and remembering to wear her hard hat on the production floor—er, the beach.

Chrissy Teigen Vita Coco Lead
Credit: Al Evans/Downtown Photo

Teigen demonstrates the many uses for Vita Coco coconut water by hilariously playing a hungover staff member, an exercise instructor, and an employee in an afternoon slump.

Chrissy Teigen Vita Coco 1
Credit: Al Evans/Downtown Photo

In an interview with the company, the Cravings author also talked about her home life, dishing about her mom as a babysitter. “She has so much energy. She is so much fun. Luna adores my mom. But I will say, when we are gone, she kind of gets to write her own rules a bit,” Teigen jokes. “She’ll send me photos and videos and I’m like, is she crawling up the stairs? You can’t make it okay for her to crawl upstairs. She just learned how to crawl a couple days ago.”

Chrissy Teigen Vita Coco 2
Credit: Al Evans/Downtown Photo

“Every time I watch something I’m like, I can’t believe I’m alive. But obviously there’s no one you would rather have watch your daughter or son more than your own family, so it’s really fun to watch,” Teigen adds. “It’s like a summer camp for Luna. It’s like play time. I’m sure she has much more fun with my mom.”

Chrissy, if you ever need another babysitter, give us a ring.