Chrissy Teigen Delivered a Sassy Clap Back After Someone Said She Can't Cook

Don’t get it twisted: Chrissy Teigen can cook.

The proud mom and cookbook author took to Twitter on Tuesday to bark back at a hater that attacked her skills in the kitchen.

Teigen made a joke about refusing to use 280 characters now that Twitter is changing its limit. “I will NEVER use 280 characters nor will I favorite or retweet a tweet with them. THIS IS MY FIGHT SONG,” she wrote.

People laughed, but one person called her out on something completely unrelated.

Chrissy Teigen

“That’s cause you can’t cook for s—. But im still a fan, cause you made me laugh,” one guy wrote.

Another fan called him out and questioned his skills, to which the dude wrote, “My best dates are in the grocery store,” suggesting he allows women he’s courting to pop into your local shop, choose the ingredients, and wait for a home-cooked meal.

That obviously didn’t sit well with Teigen. So like the true witty tweeter that she is, she replied to him.

“I have a #1 New York Times best selling cookbook and cook 3 course meals around 14 times a week. But yeah, you go to the grocery store sometimes,” she said, referring to her 2016 debut, Cravings.

Some users then pointed out that Teigen accidentally fell back on her promise of NOT retweeting tweets with 280 characters because the tweet to which she replied did in fact contain 280.

Regardless, that’s one badass response.

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