Chrissy Teigen's Hilarious Opinion on Selfies Will Make You Love Her Even More

Chrissy Teigen Selfie
Photo: chrissyteigen/Instagram (2)

Have you ever scrolled through someone's Instagram so often that you feel like you know them? Chrissy Teigen is that person for us. Between posting hilarious pictures of her dogs, taking us behind the scenes of FabLife, and showing us what's going on in her kitchen, the star never fails to make us laugh with her combination of personal photos paired with funny captions. True to form, one of her main social media policies is never to take her self(ies) too seriously. "I think there are people out there who do really well posting these beautiful selfies on vacation or in general life, or body poses like, flexin' at the gym, or booty poses—which may or may not be retouched, who knows? I just like to do fun ones," Teigen tells us. "We all take like 800 selfies to get to the one we post, and sometimes I like to put up the one you wouldn't normally post. We all have that one page that is like, slightly different face positions. I mean, nothing should be taken that seriously!" Amen, sister.

Though she makes exceptions from time to time, some of her favorite ones to upload are from the makeup chair—preferably before her cream contour has been blended out. "I think those are so fun to show because I look so ridiculous, but in the end it all works out," she says. "I'll look like some sort of circus clown, and then two minutes later, everything is perfectly blended and you have these crazy cheekbones and crazy highlights. It's like magic to me."

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