Chrissy Teigen Raps a Children's Book for Baby Luna

Is there anything Chrissy Teigen can’t do? She whips up amazing meals at the drop of a hat (and still maintains a flawless figure), cracks the best jokes, models, and, now, you can add rapping to her list of many talents.

On Tuesday, a makeup-free Teigen rapped a children’s book, because just plain reading is boring, for her daughter, Luna, and documented all of the action on Instagram.

In the video, Teigen livened up the words, or rather lyrics, on the pages of Barnyard Dance!, and little Luna loved every second of it. Sporting an appropriate onesie, emblazoned with the phrase “Gangsta Napper,” Luna stood on the couch next to mom, clapping her hands and bopping up and down to the tracks Teigen laid down.

The tot may have a dance career in her future. Just a couple of weeks ago, her model mommy posted another Instagram video of Luna bustin’ a move on the kitchen counter—no background music necessary. Once she got a little encouragement from Grandma Teigen, there was no stopping her.

While Teigen is the definition of #momgoals, we have to give credit to baby Luna for making it easy with her overall cuteness.

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