6 Times Chrissy Teigen Stopped Mom-Shamers in Their Tracks

Over the past few years, Chrissy Teigen has elevated the clapback to an art form. The LOLs keep coming when the 31-year-old engages with her haters on Twitter, and it seems motherhood has only sharpened her quick wit.

Since pretty much the day the Internet found out Teigen was expecting a child with husband John Legend, trolls have gone in on the model, dragging her for everything baby-related—from her decision to use IVF to her methods of physically carrying baby Luna.

Scroll down below to see Teigen’s best-ever responses to mom-shamers online.

When the Haters Decided Luna Was Both Cold and Miserable

When No One Would Let Chrissy Live

Ten days after giving birth, Chrissy Teigen went out to dinner without Luna, to which mom-shamers responded by criticizing Teigen for leaving her newborn alone. One "concerned" tweeter check in on how Luna was doing all alone. How did the star respond?

When Chrissy and Kim KW Were Both DONE

Chrissy Teigan mom Shaming Tweets - Embed

When Chrissy Was Deemed a "Stupid Bitch" for Doing IVF

When Swearing on Social Media Affected Chrissy's Ability to Parent

Chrissy Teigan mom Shaming Tweets - Embed

When Chrissy's Struggle to Become Pregnant Became an "Act"

Chrissy Teigan mom Shaming Tweets - Embed
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