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Olivia Bahou
May 04, 2017 @ 3:15 pm

On Wednesday, Chrissy Teigen and her mom, Vilailuck, puzzled the internet with its greatest mystery since “the dress”: Why the heck was Chrissy’s mom feeding her lunch?

The dynamic duo were out to lunch in L.A. on Wednesday, when the paparazzi caught the unusual site of Vilailuck, aka Pepper Thai, spoon-feeding her 31-year-old daughter across the table.

Ever wonder how you can get use out of those over-the-knee boots all year long? Chrissy Teigen had the answer, pairing her open-toed footwear with a silky white tank top, cutoff denim shorts (shop a similar style here), and a long single-button blazer. She topped off the polished-yet-sexy look with a wide brim hat and reflective shades.

Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

While we await Chrissy’s almost inevitable social media response to the hilarious photos, let us conduct a very scientific investigation into this puzzling scenario.

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1. She thought Chrissy was Luna.

Considering it’s probably rare that these two eat a meal without Chrissy’s 1-year-old daughter Luna, Pepper Thai might be so used to feeding her lunch companion that she accidentally slipped Chrissy a spoon.

2. Chrissy’s nails were too long for proper utensil usage.

Those nails are gorgeous—and probably hard to function with.


3. They were acting out another movie scene.

These two love reenacting famous movie scenes in their spare time. Could this be their take on Lady and the Tramp?


4. Her teeth were hurting.

Chrissy has made her tooth pain very public in the last 24 hours. Maybe her mom wants to make sure she sticks to a liquid diet?


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And last, the most plausible but least funny reason:

5. Chrissy’s meal hadn’t come yet, and she wanted to try a bite of her mom’s food in the meantime.

Even better, maybe the waiter hadn’t delivered her silverware yet. Case closed.

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