The Hilarious Way Chrissy Teigen Got Back at John Legend

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Oh Chrissy Teigen, what did we do to deserve you? The 31-year-old model is cracking us up once again, and this time, she roped a complete stranger into her crazy antics.

Here's the background for this story: At hubby John Legend's concert, he pulled a woman up on stage and shared a dance with the lucky fan. To Teigen, this meant she got to have a little fun with another man, who just happened to be a lovely stranger named Eddie. The cookbook author recruited Eddie to not only hold hands with her, but to get matching henna tattoos as well. Watch it unfold:

Teigen, who's rocking an oversized sweater as a dress, strolls along the sidewalk with her new friend before leading him into a henna shop. Naturally, they couldn't just get traditional henna designs—Teigen wanted "tramp stamps" that read "it's a prank bruh."

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Hilarious, right? Well it gets even better. Once she and Eddie parted ways, Teigen went home for a nap and managed to smear the henna ink all over her back. She tweeted about the aftermath, writing, "I fell asleep and there's ink everywhere I missed john's show and my back says it's a prank bruh."

There's never a dull moment when Chrissy Teigen is around!

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