By Meghan Overdeep
Updated Nov 09, 2017 @ 8:30 am

Chrissy Teigen is already teaching her one-year-old daughter Luna to feel empowered when it comes her own body.

At the Forevermark Tribute Collection Launch Tuesday night, Teigen, 31, revealed to E! News that little Luna won't be rocking diamond studs anytime soon. "She doesn't have her ears pierced and I'm going to let her decide when she wants to do that," she said.

Teigen explained that her decision stems from her own experience with getting her ears pierced. "I remember when I was little what I went through. My mom did it for me," she recalled.

But all that won't stop the former swimsuit model and her husband, musician John Legend, from showering their beautiful girl with jewelry—pierced ears or not. "I would love to be able to give Luna maybe a customized piece of jewelry. I think there's something really beautiful about her name—the way it's written," Teigen gushed. "I think when John and I were picking a name, we wanted something that sounded beautiful. Of course, John is big on the sound of things."

The Lip Sync Battle co-host continued: "I was thinking more about how it was written and it's just so feminine and so beautiful the way you write it, that I love it in like maybe a nameplate necklace or something would be so cute on her."

Cute is right. We think we know what Santa's bringing this year!