Chrissy Teigen Still Feels Bad About Her and John Legend's "Major Blowout" at Kim and Kanye's Wedding

What happens in 2014 ... sometimes haunts you. 

Could you imagine what it would be like to upstage Kim Kardashian at her own wedding? Chrissy Teigen can.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live! on Thursday evening, the model recalled her "major blowout" with hubby John Legend at Kardashian's wedding to Kanye West back in 2014. Teigen recalled that the fight was so major, "every time I see [Kardashian and West] I feel like apologizing for it."

Though Legend, who joined her for the interview, claimed, "I don't think [Kardashian and West] knew," Teigen refuted, "Oh everyone knew!"

So what was the fight about? That's a really good question — but sadly, it's one that Teigen and Legend don't have a specific answer for. "I don't even remember what it was about," Legend shrugged.

Teigen added however, that it probably stemmed from feeling inferior to the "fabulous and amazing" crowd gathered to celebrate the bride and groom. "I think I was really intimidated ... I think it came from a lot of insecurity and I took it out on John," she said. (To his credit, Cohen interjected with what we were all thinking: "I would consider you a fabulous, amazing person.")

"I think that's where it stemmed from," she continued, "and you know how things snowball into a bigger thing."

The good news is that the couple clearly recovered from this epic fight, and their relationship with Kimye emerged unscathed, despite Teiegn's worry. Just last week, the fab foursome (no, not thatfab foursome) celebrated Legend's birthday, and Kardashian even threw on her fanciest (read: nakedest) catsuit for the occasion.

Would Kim have worn such a festive outfit if there was any bad blood?! Well, probably, but she looks pretty over the drama — that is, if she even knew about it.

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