By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Feb 16, 2016 @ 3:45 pm
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It's a universally known fact that Chrissy Teigen has one fabulous head of hair, but it took lots of experimenting before she got her signature look down.

"My mom really let us do our own thing and play with different trends, and my sister was a little older so she had all the beauty tricks. I would stuff things like rolled-up toilet paper into my hair to get volume, or do the reverse and I'd lie on my back and she'd use an actual iron to straighten it," the star tells InStyle. "It was very damaging, but honestly when I wanted flat hair, it got the job done."

These days, she rarely veers from her trademark ombré strands (save for the occasional Captain Morgan campaign), but she still has flashbacks of those DIY hair dye mistakes of the past. So does her mother, for that matter. "I dyed my own hair this Chocolate Cherry color, and I forget what brand it was, but I remember getting into so much trouble because it stained our bathtub," she confesses, laughing. "It was this red-black color and it was a big mistake. I feel like my hair is still recovering from it."

The star, who was just named the face of Tresemmé's Beauty Full Volume collection, is a perfect match for the brand and even does her fair share of hairstyle spotting while binging on reality TV shows. "What I love is watching the first season of any of those shows before they see themselves and change everything. I still love watching that first season of The Real Housewives of Orange County with that first franchise opener when they were extension-less," says Teigen. "This is also an unfortunate reality show, but the hair fashions of Making a Murderer are also pretty interesting, to say the least. That Ski-Doo jacket—I haven't seen that in years!"

Just like us, she's binged on every episode, formed her own theories, and has heard that now-infamous rap by Brendan Dassey's half-brother proclaiming the duo's innocence. Though one would usually opt not to read the comments of pretty much anything on the Internet, Teigen noted that she couldn't help it and did for that one video in particular. "YouTube is just known for having really horrible comments, but they're getting nothing but love!" she says, laughing. "It's all praise. But it's also kind of crazy how we look at those things as a TV show when there's real stuff going on there"

To film her Tresemmé campaign, Teigen threw it back to the mid-aughts and got decked out in her finest velour suit to recreate a scene from her 2007 primping regime. "Remember the 2002 Teen Choice Awards? That was our inspiration for the styling," she tells us. "It was really fun shooting the campaign, and I posted an Instagram wearing the velour suit but I couldn't say it was a Tresemmé ad yet. People were like, 'What the hell are you wearing?' and I wanted so badly to tell them! My stylist had a lot of fun doing that look on me."

Expect to see more throwback looks in her videos to come—including one of her rocking some seriously bedazzled Ed Hardy. "A lot of the looks were heinous, but really realistic, and we look back on them like, that was silly but we totally did it," she adds. "It's also pretty funny because one of the first billboards I ever did was an Ed Hardy campaign."

Check out Teigen's hilarious ad above, and keep an eye out for more of her Tresemmé videos to roll out!