Can people just let her live?!


It seems as though wherever Chrissy Teigen goes, internet trolls are sure to follow. The model and all-star clapback queen was recently met with rude comments yet again when she shared a seemingly braless photo of herself on Instagram on Thursday, August 22.

In the pic, Teigen is wearing a low-cut maroon jumpsuit as she stands in a toy store, looking off to the side with a perplexed expression on her face. “What do you think I’m looking at,” she captioned the ‘gram.

While some fans weighed in with a guess (the model later revealed it was a Polly Pocket toy that captured her attention), others decided to leave not-so-nice comments about Teigen’s choice to go braless. “A bra, girl, get you one!” one person wrote, while another just commented “a bra.”

Naturally, Teigen was ready with several responses. “Allow me to save you from my titties,” she replied to one user. In another comment, she simply wrote: “LOL LOL LOL LOL OMG LOL LOL.” Laughing at your bullies is definitely one of the best weapons, and Teigen is a level-10 expert.

But the model wasn’t done there; in true Teigen fashion, she then posted another ‘gram to let her haters know that she really doesn’t care what they think about her. In the video, Tegien is seen in the same outfit riding a toy down an inflatable slide. Towards the end of the clip, the model hilariously reaches up to cover her chest (low-cut outfits and slides don’t really mix, after all). “Whoopsie daisy” she quipped in the caption.

Plenty of Teigen’s friends and fellow celebs seemed to enjoy the video. “I think it gets funnier the more you watch it,” Tess Holliday commented, while Kate Hudson called the clip “amazing.” And Yolanda Hadid pretty much spoke for all of us by simply commenting with the laugh-crying emoji.

Despite the trolls coming up from under their bridges on Teigen’s first pic, many of her fans came forward to support her, rightfully noting that whatever decisions she makes about her wardrobe are her choice alone. “What the hell guys, it's crazy how people get offended about other people's bodies,” one fan wrote, adding: “Love yours and love others.” Another person commented: “I cannot imagine how y’all must feel about yourself if you feel the need to tell other women to get on a bra. Nope. No bra unless absolutely necessary.”

Of course, Teigen is no stranger to dealing with internet bullies; she’s been body-shamed and mom-shamed by online randoms left and right. Fortunately, it seems as though she’s able to combat the negativity with a sense of humor. “I think you can respond [to trolls] if you’re having fun with them and make it more lighthearted,” she told Page Six in May, adding that she’s grown a thicker skin over the years. “I’m much more able to laugh everything off, so I’ve grown a lot…with Twitter and Instagram.” Her strategy definitely seems to be working, and we could all take a page from the Chrissy Teigen Guide to Shutting Down Bullies.