Chrissy Teigen Launches Hunt for the "Very Large Mom Bra" She Left Behind on Flight

If anybody can find humor in a very awkward situation, it's Chrissy Teigen.

After flying into Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, the expectant mom took to Twitter with a bizarre call to action. Teigen, 31, confessed to accidentally leaving a certain personal item beneath her seat on the plane, and asked her followers flying on Virgin Airlines out of D.C. to keep a lookout for it—though, we imagine it was hard to miss.

"If you are flying out of DC on virgin today, check under your seat for a very large mom bra," the former swimsuit model tweeted. "It's like a talk show giveaway!"

Fans were quick to pick up on the Oprah reference. "You get a pregnancy bra! and you get a pregnancy bra!" one user replied. So far, nobody has come forward with their prize.

Happy hunting, Virgin passengers!

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