By Lara Walsh
Mar 24, 2017 @ 10:30 am

After a whirlwind Moroccan family getaway complete with camels, a few of baby's first words, and cats, Chrissy Teigen is starting the weekend off right by getting in some down time, i.e. bonding with mom Vilailuck over drinks in a hilarious video clip.

The stunner took to Instagram on Thursday to share a behind-the-scenes look at herself getting boozy during a mother-daughter drinking sesh for a Smirnoff vodka campaign. Tipsy Chrissy is once again the best.

"Guys. It's official. I'm in a relationship with @SmirnoffUS! I could have gone for a fancy vodka, but I didn't. I chose one that keeps it real instead. Smirnoff is actually a really great tasting vodka, and they aren't afraid to be a little unfancy sometimes. Samesies. Take a peek behind the scenes with me and my mom @pepperthai2," the mom-of-one wrote alongside a video.

The montage shows her post-cocktails shenanigans, which include the star burping, messily scarfing down a burrito, accidentally spilling vodka, and making tons of funny faces.

Plus it looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as Vilailuck can be heard shouting, "Aw, hell yeah!" as she enjoys a girls' night in with her daughter. Watch it all here:

It's official—we need to get cocktails with Chrissy and her mom!

Update: Chrissy's charmingly goofy antics aside, Smirnoff notes that she was not actually drunk during the shoot. A spokesperson said: “Both Chrissy and Smirnoff are 100 percent committed to responsible drinking. Anyone that confuses Chrissy’s fun and lively personality on set for intoxication is sorely mistaken.”