Baby Luna Halloween Costume - Lead
Credit: chrissyteigen/Instagram

Just when we thought we had reached peak baby Luna Halloween cuteness, Chrissy Teigen struck again. On Sunday night Teigen surprised us with yet another batch of Halloween costumes modeled by her precious 6-month-old daughter, Luna.

The new mom appears to have first caught the costume bug after dressing her little one as a hot dog last week, and joked that she "couldn't stop" as she moved on to dress her as a peacock, Minnie Mouse, and then later, a banana. On Sunday—just when our hearts had finally begun to recover—Luna added Little Red Riding Hood, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, one of Grease's Pink Ladies, and (the cutest) Hawaiian hula girl to her overwhelmingly adorable modeling portfolio.

VIDEO: See All of Baby Luna's Costumes

"Ok that is a wrap on costumes," Teigen wrote alongside the final 'gram: an outtake from the hula girl getup. "Some were sent to us from very kind vendors but we are going to donate them all tonight so other families can get the same joy out of them."

And for your own joy, scroll down the see every one of her amazing costumes.

Pink Lady


Little Red Riding Hood


Minnie Mouse


Hot dog

Happy Halloween!