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Baby Luna's Halloween Costume - Lead 2016
Credit: chrissyteigen/Instagram

On Thursday, Chrissy Teigen took to Instagram to give us the best early Halloween treat: an adorable photo of baby Luna in a hotdog costume. While we thought that this hilarious outfit had to be the 6-month-old’s outfit for the big holiday (mom is a major foodie, after all), it turns out that Teigen had other plans.

“You can’t possibly think I only bought the hot dog,” she captioned a hilarious video of Luna “walking around” as a colorful peacock.

But those weren’t the only costumes that the model bought for her baby girl: Teigen then blessed us with two more photos of her little one on Instagram.

In the next, Luna looks precious in a little Minnie Mouse costume ($30; amazon.com), complete with a pink polka-dot dress, bow-adorned mouse ears, and a Disney princess bag for trick-or-treating. “Please help I can’t stop,” mom captioned the adorable pic of her infant.

Finally, Teigen went back to her foodie roots, dressing Lulu up as a yellow banana. While she looks cute enough to eat, her face says that she was clearly over this dress up session, even though Teigen still has more costumes to debut.

“I truly have 7 more,” she told a fan on Twitter who asked how many more outfits there were to come.

Chrissey Teigen Tweet - Embed 2016

VIDEO: See All of Baby Luna's Costumes

We can’t wait to see which one Luna dons on the big day—and if mom dresses up in a matching outfit to boot.