Chrissy Teigen’s 2-Month-Old Daughter Luna Is Ready to Eat Grown-Up Food in This Adorable Snap

Chrissy Teigen - LEAD
Photo: Ryan Miller/Getty

Chrissy Teigen’s 2-month-old daughter is getting quite the culinary education. The model mom, who published the bestselling cookbook Cravings earlier this year, is introducing her daughter, little Luna Simone, to a world of food—although she’s not ready to eat it quite yet!

Grandma Teigen shared a sweet snap to Instagram of the new mom at lunch with her newborn. In the photo, the model is forking a piece of chicken while Luna looks on longingly. “Can’t wait to eat grow up food!” Vilailuck Teigen captioned the sweet photo.

The Sports Illustrated model also took to Snapchat to share some adorable pics of their lunch date. In one photo, Teigen holds up Luna’s little baby toes, writing, “This will never cease to make me melt.”

Chrissy Teigen - 2

She also shared a video, using the double puppy filter on herself and her baby girl.

Chrissy Teigen - 1

While Luna isn’t eating from the table just yet, she’ll certainly be exposed to an extensive culinary palate when her talented mom and grandma get behind the stove.

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